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Doubtful Medical Supports

SURI SERI BEGAWAN HOSPITAL. | PHOTO: COURTESY of livinginkualabelait.weebly.com


 October 1st, 2016  |  15:36 PM  |   7809 views



This is in reference to the front page articles “HM questions Healthcare Services” on Brunei Times Newspaper published on 28th September 2016.


We are glad that concerns are now brought to the attention. It is of no secret that all of us have been hearing complaints of the current standards and quality at our Government Hospitals.


We would take the opportunity to further elaborate our views and experiences.




Experience with the Emergency Ward

A family member had been terminally ill and we had to travel quite often to the nearest hospital in Kuala Belait during that time especially evening/night hours.


Needless to say, we were frustrated with their hospitality for every single visit. In few emergency cases, they insisted us to register and queue accordingly. We tried to explain our urgency but to no avail. We were being ignored; even stopped us from giving them important information on the patient’s illness history and status. Sadly to say, Doctors and nurses were also very slow in action even for emergency urgent cases while the family members were in panic stage. None of the nurses were available to offer a helping hand. I have, personally, had unpleasant argument with a male nurse in the emergency OPD one night. Such non-professional attitude (rude/ignorant/showing no care to patient) is worrisome as this kills the confident, security and peace-of-mind to the patient and family members emotionally.


Considering the urgency medical needs for the patient, it was utmost ridiculous to be given an appointment date in few months’ time while a series of diagnosis are still waiting in line prior to the chemo and radiotherapy treatment. We tried to reason with the scheduler but were rudely turn down. This leads to question if they even understand what a Cancer is and its potential risk; and that timing is essential.


Competency seems to be another important issue. I witnessed their fail attempts to insert the IV needle/tube into the patient’s hands/arms several times, Blood spurted onto the clothing and bed.




While the patient has finally transferred to RIPAS at Bandar (after long hours to a day of waiting for the availability of ambulance at KB hospital), the similar issues re-surface. We have to go through the same difficulties and plenty of waiting. Despite of that, nurses are slightly friendlier and we manage to hunt them for basic updates. However, competency and no practice of ‘open door policy’ are still in question. There are times where we urge for updates from Doctors and nurses after several follow-up and did not happen. Empty promises and lip services were given.


In the end, due to plenty of waiting along the diagnosis and possible treatment process in earlier stage, it is with great sadness that the patient has eventually passed away after a (minor – as told) surgery. The last medical treatment option/(our last hope), which was supposed to be effective, also came too late.


Nevertheless, we greatly hope the (public) concerns are successfully heard and smart actions to be taken. We wish not for such unpleasant experiences for us and our future generations from the Government Hospitals.


The professional resources (Doctors and Technicians) are definitely available but it is up to the Authority to put them to good use with effective system to maneuver their manpower (nurses/administrators/schedulers). Downfalls should be reviewed to close the ‘gaps’ in their existing System. Priority should be weighed and given wisely. REAL emergency urgent cases ought to be identified and attended to independently with special attention. Substandard hospitality practice needs to be stopped – especially Hospital Suri Seri Begawan, Kuala Belait. Frequent phone call between hospital staffs and patients for appointments should be put into practice. We realized there are times where unattended appointments are wasted and could actually arranged for other urgent patients.


It is important to be aware that treatable illness can grow into something drastic/serious/incurable if not well taken care of earlier with proper appointments to diagnose and treat. We rather our health/sickness to be treated proactively than reactively.


Despite of all the mentioned dissatisfactions, few notably improvements are well done and appreciated. For example – the new constructed Women and Children’s Block at RIPAS which cost $69 million, better medical equipments; and possibly the BRU-HIMS computerized system too. We are thankful for these but there are still vast areas of improvement ahead we shall look forward to.


Concerned Daughter




by BruDirect.com


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