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How Sprinklers Can Turn A Boring Space into Magical Garden


 November 1st, 2016  |  09:25 AM  |   10823 views



Do you have a space unused around your house suitable for irrigation? Use it to create something that is soothing for the eyes. The only thing that you should worry about is the type of plantation you wish to have since irrigation can be sorted out with sprinklers. Sprinklers are like a natural waterfall for the plants. A pumping method distributes water through pipes and then splashes it into the air through sprinklers. The water then falls like small droplets to the surface of the earth. There is no restriction on the type of plants you should sow – you can pick any row, field or tree crops.


Summon a gardener and get the plants of your choice planted. Watering them regularly is hereon no problem because a sprinkler is always there. It suits all types of slopes – uniform or undulating. Just learn the basics of how much water is required by a particular plant and witness your garden growing in front of your eyes.


Having talked about sprinklers, its now time to look at the benefits and the types you can or should have in your garden. Remember, they are available in a large variety of styles. This knowledge will help you big deal.


Benefits of sprinklers:


Automation. The topmost benefit of sprinklers. No need to hand spray. Just open the faucet and let the magic unfold.


Consistent and effective. You can limit the amount of water as less as one inch each time.


Water conservation. They can be adjusted for drought or water conservation periods. Allow them to water at night during the coolest hours.


Customization. You can water your garden irrespective of its shape, size and type. They can be adjusted according to the plant type too – flowers, trees, plants or hedges.


Alleviates the need to water manually. Saves time and energy as well. While a sprinkler is doing its job, you can finish up other chores.


Types of sprinklers:


Soaker hoses


Ideal for dense plantings or individual plants. This one type can be customized too for your landscape by fixing it to solid hoses. They release water all along their length through porous walls. There is no other sprinkler as efficient in preventing irrigating the unwanted areas as soaker hoses, when used properly.


Drip System


Ideal for clayey soil, primarily due to its ability to water slowly. Though other soil types can make use of it too, depending on the type of plantation sowed in them and their requirements. The drip system can be customized to suit the plant’s needs. These come in various forms: drippers, soakers, bubblers and micro sprayers. But these should not be mixed at one zone of the plantation. The discharge rate varies from one-half gallon per hour to two gallons per hour. It also depends on the plant type and the soil type. It is the most water efficient method of irrigation with sprinklers.


Automatic spray system


Traditionally, we are aware of the pop up spray heads, which can be adjusted for spraying a full circle, half circle or even in a quarter circle. The biggest disadvantage (though not so big) with them is that they spread water faster than other sprinklers and cannot be soaked by soil types like clay.


Rotor System


Called rotor, because they use rotating system. They are far better than spray heads. Also release water at a slower rate, thus allowing permeability into the soil like clay easy and causes less runway. Though originally they were more suited for larger areas, but now with the new ones you can apply water to as less as 15 inches and half an inch every hour.


Here is how you should begin turning a boring place into one that soothes your mind and soul


Pick a location first


First off, the place. For instance, you want to plant some herbs. Though it could be any place, but a few yards away from your kitchen is ideal. Do ensure the place gets a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight.


Loosen the soil


It is the foremost preparation you need before you plant those herbs. if you are doing it yourself. The clayey soil should be made capable for vegetation by adding compost, coarse sand or peat moss.


Dig holes


The holes should be twice the width of the root ball of the plant.


Add plants


Small plants like herbs should be planted at least 18 inches apart. This will provide the plants to grow well. Annuals and perennials should never be mixed. Plant them side by side.


The bottom line


Choose sprinkler according to your landscape and don’t forget to get it repaired from time to time. The installation to maintenance should all be done by professionals only.


Author Bio: Evie Dawson shares diverse perspectives on the home improvement industry in US. She has devoted her time to write on issues like encouraging people to use organic products at home, making home look beautiful at low budget with sprinkler repair services. She gives home buyers, sellers, owners and renters the inside scoop on properties and places. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.



courtesy of NATURALNEWS

by Evie Dawson


If you have any stories or news that you would like to share with the global online community, please feel free to share it with us by contacting us directly at [email protected]


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