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5 Most Searched Selfies Of 2017 Have Some Crazy Stories Behind Them


 December 23rd, 2017  |  10:30 AM  |   1338 views



The selfie is still relevant, apparently.


It got a ton of Google search this year by people keen to know the stories behind the most controversial face-shots of the year.


Thankfully, none of them are in anyway linked to the Kardashian family.


Let’s walk through them, starting with the fifth-most searched selfie of 2017 (in the US), according to Google Trends.


Kaia Gerber is the 15-year-old daughter of model Cindy Crawford, for those who don’t know.


She posted this photo of a towel barely covering her chest with the caption: ‘Uniform.’


People didn’t now what to think of it because, you know, SHE’S 15-YEARS-OLD.


So many said she was too young to be taking these sorts of snaps, others congratulated her on her body confidence.


This was the only selfie search that doesn’t involve an actual selfie.


That’s because people wanted to know whether or not they could view the solar eclipse on their phones when it happened over the summer.


Experts said yes, you could. Flipping the camera into selfie-mode and aiming it at the sun meant you could safely view it. However, the method was issued with cation — it’s not as safe as wearing proper eye protection.


Al Sharpton: political talkshow host, father, STUD MUFFIN.


Definitely up there with the most bizarre selfie of all time. I guess you could call it a body positive post, but he totally missed the mark.


It’s confusing and weird and sometimes this sort of magic just doesn’t need explaining.


Remember this guy? The hilarity of his cheeky grin was drowned out by copyright issues.


There was a legal dispute over who owns the copy right, because the monkey is taking the picture.


Under the deal struck earlier this year, the photographer whose camera was used to take the photo agreed to donate 25 percent of any future revenue of the images to charities dedicated to protecting crested macaques in Indonesia, lawyers for an animal-rights group said.


Lawyers for the group and the photographer, David Slater, asked the San Francisco-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the case and throw out a lower court decision that said animals cannot own copyrights.


This, deservedly so, is the most searched selfie of 2017.



courtesy of METRO

by Oliver McAteer


If you have any stories or news that you would like to share with the global online community, please feel free to share it with us by contacting us directly at [email protected]


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