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Do You Know This Man?

A man suspected to have stolen a phone handing out cash to the store owner while the red circle indicates where the phone is before being taken by the unidentified man. | PHOTO: FACEBOOK/Lyn's Paradise


 May 11th, 2016  |  13:12 PM  |   6656 views



This post is picked up from the social media platform dated May 9 2016. A Facebook user by the name Lyn's Paradise has posted a CCTV footage from an undisclosed grocery store that allegedly shows an unknown man stealing a cellular phone belonging to Lyn's mother.


The footage itself is recorded on April 3 2016. In the video, a middle-aged woman wearing a purple headscarf is seen waving at a child before taking a receipt from the cashier. She then leaves the store with the child, disappearing out of the frame. Seconds later, a man wearing tricolor hooded sweater approaches the counter to pay for his items. While waiting to make the payment, his hand can be seen grabbing a phone that is placed on top of what appears to be a box of candies. After paying for the purchase, the man leaves the store with the phone in his pocket.


After the video goes viral, Lyn's Paradise has stated that the woman in the video is her mother and the little girl is identified as her daughter. She further admitted that the incident occured due to her mother being careless but defended by saying that she is momentarily distracted when the daughter picks up something from the store much to her disapproval, which inadvertently causes her to forget about the phone altogether. The incident goes unnoticed for a month and it is not until the store owner has realised something amiss that he has decided to show the footage to Lyn's mother who then shared the video on social media, hoping that some people may be able to positively identify the suspected thief in the CCTV footage.


The tan-skinned, short-haired man is possibly a local in his mid twenties to early thirties but other Malay ethnicity may as well be considered. He is either in a relationship or is currently married, having one or more children. May have come from a family with little to no academic background. Standing around five feet seven inches tall to five feet nine. Slim but well-built. He possibly weighs around 60 to 79 kg (133 to 174 lbs). May sport facial hair in particular goatee but is otherwise clean shaven for most of the times. He may be employed but paid in the low hundreds. May or may not be a smoker, could be using e-cigarette or vape interchangeably. May have history of substance abuse or some run-ins with the law even during his school years. Or else he may be clean altogether except for minor disciplinary issues.


Possibly educated until secondary level and is without any degree or higher academic qualifications. Is not known to suffer from any chronic personality disorder but may be compulsive, especially the inability to delay gratification combined with mild to flaring temper. Capable of not feeling any guilt or remorse under certain circumstances. Most likely drive a sedan or smaller vehicle with certain modifications performed such as sport rims, sizeable exhaust pipe, and stickers. Love to clean his vehicle. Quite possibly a casual listener of Indonesian love songs, slow rock, dance and techno music. Fluent in Bahasa Brunei but has some difficulties understanding English to some extent.


Although the descriptions provided here are unofficial, it is nonetheless important to stay vigilant at times when the economy is facing a downturn. Brunei is no exception. As global oil prices continue to wane, more people are pushed into desperation. For some, committing property theft is right up their alley. But for most of us, a story such as this can only serve to remind us of how poverty combined with lack of education can drive someone straight down into the abyss of iniquity. As of now, it is unknown whether the case has been resolved. It can be emphasised enough that the general public must exercise caution at all times. One may not immediately notice that careleness provides a window of opportunity to those with malicious intent, until it is too late.

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