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DeRoyalle Cafe


Café De Royalle has long established a niche market in Brunei Darussalam. This quaint café was set up in 2004 and later bought over in 2005 by the late Ignatius Stephen, a famed journalist and considered one of the earlier purveyors of news reporting in the country. With his breadth of knowledge and creativity, Café De Royalle was transformed into a concept café — a unique place with a character of its own.


Tne café is licensed to sell bakery products, pastries, cakes and café food items, operating as a boutique coffee shop concept to also supply of bakery and food products, food processing and packaging, as well as the import and export of foods.


The essence of Café De Royalle

Charming, cosy and friendly, this is a place where old friends and new friends can converge and meet. Decorated in warm colour tones with a touch of the rainforest through large print images of tropical Borneo flora and fauna on the walls, Café De Royalle is warm and friendly.


The café atmosphere is simply inviting with friendly and well-trained staff being attentive to your needs. The decor is simple yet designed with comfort and pleasure in mind, for the young and old alike. Take your pick of sitting at comfortable dining tables and upright carved wood chairs or for those who desire to lounge in soft plush settees and chill out over coffee, there are plenty of options. Diners can also decide to sit indoors at the air-conditioned area or enjoy relaxing alfresco sidewalk seating with fresh air.


During the weekdays, the café is frequented by office workers from around the vicinity, who come over for breakfast or lunch. In the evenings, the setting becomes more relaxed as the youthful and the not so youthful crowds throng over to enjoy a cuppa and a chat with their friends. Tourists will often frequent Café De Royalle while reading newspapers or the wide array of magazines that is available.


With its 24 hour concept, the café is always a social hub. It is vibrant and abuzz any time of the day and even in the wee hours of ie night. Late night people will come over to relax over a drink or to surf the net, and just enjoy the cool night air.



Cafe De Royalle has always maintained a policy of providing the highest standards in food and uncompromised service quality.


Our vision is to showcase top grade food with a wide variety of delicious selections, ranging from Asian to Western, professionally prepared with great taste by our passionate staff.


Key offerings on the menu include both full fare and finger food such as:

• Nacho chips
• A wide selection of sandwiches
• Selection of cakes
• Curry puffs
• Fish and chips
• Swedish meatballs with pasta
• Nasi lemak
• Curry chicken
• Beef rendang
• A wide variety of burgers
• A wide variety of breakfast menu
• A wide variety of salads including avocado and salmon, etc.


Famed on the menu is the famous Italian coffee brand Illy and choices like Lavazza. A various range of teas are also available, plus an amazing selection of smoothies, soft drinks and local beverage such as the ever popular Teh Tank and Milo.


At Cafe De Royalle, our mission is to be the best in everything we do, sharing our food and drinks experience with our customers. Our vision is to continuously move ahead with our customers into the future, growing with them with the best quality standards possible.



At the helm of the company and directing the business forward is the spouse of the late Ignatius Stephen, Madam Chong Ming Choo and his daughter, May Ling Freda Stephen. Both are highly driven individuals with a passion for the café industry.


The mother and daughter team constantly oversees the café operations to ensure consistent adherence to quality standards and ensuring continuous customer satisfaction.


They constantly strive to improve the café standards as well as introduce innovative tastes to the food and drinks menu, as well as creating new ideas to create memorable experiences at the café for customers.


Apart from the owners, the café further employs 13 staff, all of whom undergo regular training on the café operations as well as on customer service standards.



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No. 38, Jalan Sultan, Bandar Seri Begawan,

Negara Brunei Darussalam

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