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Disgusted Customer Claims Mac And Cheese Candle Smells Like 50-Year-Old Fart In A Bag

DW Home makes a range of scented candles, including mashed potatoes, turkey dinners and mac and cheese (Image: Bear Karry Productions | Triangle News)


 August 6th, 2022  |  15:02 PM  |   259 views



A repulsed customer has blasted a candlemaking company for selling a candle they claim smells like a fart left trapped in a bag for fifty years.


Since 1996, US-based company DW Home, has been selling all sorts of unusual scented candles, including mashed potatoes, turkey dinners, and mac and cheese.


However, one disgusted customer has been left less than impressed by the mac and cheese offering, claiming it left them "gagging in horror" and in need of marriage counselling.


The customer claims they'd initially believed their husband had "soiled himself" after getting a whiff of the candle, which they say nearly caused them to "projectile vomit."


The nauseated customer, whose name is Taylor, said: “You all deserve jail time. My husband was giggling like a six-year-old boy as I gagged in horror.


“Now I’m convinced he is drunk and soiled himself. But no. He’s sober and just stupidly laughing at the candle choice surprise he has waiting for me.


“When he giggled and told me it was a mac and cheese candle that was causing me to almost projectile vomit, I slammed the lid in it to smother the flame and ran it out to the trash can.


“We literally had to open the windows and leave the house to go get dinner. Whoever made this deserves jail time and owes me marriage counseling.”


Taylor wasn't the only buyer to take issue with this particular scent, which has an impressive 4.6-star rating on the official DW Home website.


A second person shuddered: “It smells like someone dumped the mac and cheese flavour powder packet into a bag, farted in it, sealed up the bag, and then you opened it 50 years later and smelled it. It's epic.”


However, there are others who can't get enough of this fragrance, which one happy customer praised as being an "astounding artisanal achievement".


Another gushed: "I did not expect this to smell identical to boxed mac and cheese but it does. Whoever created this got it exactly right. Amazing."


DW Home sells nearly 650 different scents for as much as £15 a pop, including Warm Tobacco Pipe, Tranquil Lotus, and Lava.


The Mirror has reached out to DW Home for comment.



courtesy of MIRROR

by Julia Banim, Audience Writer & Iwan Stone


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