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Shoppers Left Flummoxed By Giant Chair That Looks Big Enough For A 'Giraffe To Sit'

The chair is very tall (Image: wayfair.co.uk)


 October 4th, 2022  |  15:28 PM  |   223 views



If you're looking for a new chair, that's big enough for your pet giraffe to sit in, or tall enough to fit hair like Marge Simpson's, then you're in luck as shoppers have stumbled across just the item.


Furniture retailer Wayfair are selling an extra-long wingback armchair, which is coming in four inches larger than the average British man, and just four inches smaller than the average basketball player - measuring 6ft 2ins.


Taller types will find it the most comfortable and suitable of chairs to rest one’s lengthy limbs, think sprinting superstar Usain Bolt, who is 6ft 5ins tall.


The chair, which comes in Grey, Midnight Blue and Black, is on sale for £1,219.99, reduced from £1,641.99, that is some drop in price.


Potential buyers joked the extra-long furnishing was made for people with freakishly long necks or giant bouffant hairstyles.


It would also suit those surgically attached to their stack heels and are reluctant to chuck them off after an evening out.


Commentators on social media can be relied upon to have some fun with the ‘big chair’.


One shopper commented simply: "It’s for her," alongside a picture of tall-haired cartoon favourite Marge Simpson looking extra glam.


While another said: "It doubles as a climbing wall."


A third quipped: "Somewhere for your giraffe to sit?”


Someone else agreed: "I for one am glad that someone is finally catering for the possibility of having a giraffe over for tea."


A different user added to the conumdrum: "Did they put legs on the wrong side and it’s really a chaise lounge?"


But Wayfair could have a hit on their hands.


Reviewers raved about the unusual piece of furniture the Wayfair website.


No surprises to hear one buyer describing ‘big chair’ as a “real talking point,” while another was suitably impressed, saying: “It looks stunning in our home.”


Here’s hoping purchasers have a big enough room.


One reviewer warned that it is delivered in a box almost as tall as the chair.


Big chair, big room, big talking point.



courtesy of MIRROR

by Marsha Omahony, Lifestyle Reporter & Lottie Tiplady-Bishop


If you have any stories or news that you would like to share with the global online community, please feel free to share it with us by contacting us directly at [email protected]


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