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AI Can Help You Find A Programming Job


 October 5th, 2016  |  07:54 AM  |   1173 views




Source{d} uses neural networking to comb through your code and determine your skills.




Artificial intelligence isn't just helping you work more effectively... it can help you find work, too. Source{d} is running a job service that matches programmers with employers by using a "deep neural network" to scan open source code for relevant qualities. And it's not just about understanding whether or not you can write well in a given language, either. The AI can even look for coding styles that match the methods of a given company, so you may land a position simply by fitting in more gracefully than anyone else.


Of course, the approach doesn't rely exclusively on algorithms. You'll still have to talk to Source{d} on the phone, and you'll need to clear interviews like any other job seeker. The AI is more about getting your foot in the door, about proving that you're up to the challenge without having a human read your code first. And the strategy appears to be working. Source{d} is almost profitable after just two years since starting operations, and it's planning to expand from its small European base (Berlin and Madrid) to include offices in the UK, US and elsewhere in Europe. There could well be a day when recruiters come knocking with little effort on your part -- they'll just know that your programming talents could be better-served elsewhere.



courtesy of ENGADGET

by Jon Fingas , @jonfingas


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