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'I Ended Up Ruining My Daughter's Surprise Proposal - Now She's Furious'

It's been three years, but he's only just met his daughter's boyfriend (Stock Photo) (Image: Getty Images)


 January 30th, 2023  |  10:36 AM  |   225 views



A father was aware that his daughter had been in a relationship for three years, but hadn't yet had the opportunity to meet him in person. He soon realised that things were becoming very serious indeed when the young man called him up out of the blue and invited him out for lunch. He happily accepted, but things didn't go according to plan, and he's now ended up infuriating both his daughter and his wife.


The lunch didn't exactly run smoothly, with his daughter's boyfriend overcome with nerves throughout the meet-up. In his words, 'to say the whole thing was awkward is an understatement'.


The poor boyfriend was a 'nervous wreck', barely making eye contact and tripping over his words to the extent that he at times appeared to be 'nonsensical'. Even making polite small talk appeared to be an enormous effort for him.


The reason for his nerves quickly became apparent, however, when he explained his reasons for needing to finally meet him in person: he wanted to ask his permission to propose.


Taking to Reddit, where he goes by the username u/dancorbe, the surprised dad recalled: "He did finally work up the courage to ask me for permission to marry my daughter. I was taken aback. I didn't know what to say so my response was 'if you two would be happy together, go for it'.


"I had dinner with my daughter that night and told her all about the encounter. Her initial reaction was mortification. She'd had a different idea in her head about how she was going to introduce us to her boyfriend."


His daughter eventually began to 'warm up to the idea', but was furious at her dad for spilling the beans about her boyfriend's proposal plans. His wife also isn't happy with him and feels he's ruined what should have been a very special surprise.


One fellow Reddit user remarked: "Rather concerning that he has jumped straight into asking your permission to propose, before he even got an introduction to her parents.


"It may be that she was not ready for a proposal because she hadn't even gotten to the stage of introducing him to her family. I feel like he has jumped the gun by contacting parents he hasn't been introduced to. I'd be p***** if I was her."


Another commented: "Think of it this way. It's like he came to you to ask if a surprise party would be good. You said yes and then told the birthday person they were getting a surprise party. You didn't even make it one day.


"The info about not knowing who he was is completely irrelevant. What matters is he was respectful enough to reach out to a person he didn't even know to ask if he can marry your daughter. And you blew it."



courtesy of MIRROR

by Julia Banim, Audience Writer


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