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Charming UK village is UFO hotspot with 'NASA scientists showing interest'

The village of Bonsall is located just 90 miles from Greater Manchester (Image: Derby Telegraph)


 January 30th, 2023  |  10:40 AM  |   238 views



A small village in the UK has been described as a 'UFO hotspot' with 'NASA scientists showing interest'.


In the Derbyshire Dales, there are many quaint little villages boasting gorgeous cottages, homely pubs and welcoming tearooms, and the village of Bonsall is no different.


The village is surrounded by beautiful scenery and some will claim that Bonsall is an unlikely place for a UFO hotspot.


However, Manchester Evening News reports that unlike the surrounding villages, Bonsall has been the subject of interest from Hollywood and NASA regarding extraterrestrial goings-on.


A former village pub landlord even used to take tourists up onto the nearby moors on 'UFO tours' to explore the area for extraterrestrials.


Back in 2001, a Bonsall housewife named Sharon Rowlands reportedly sold footage that she had captured of a flying saucer for £20,000 to a Hollywood producer.


NASA officials were reportedly asked to examine the film as they believed it showed a similar type of craft once spotted by the space agency's cameras during the STS-75 Columbia Space Shuttle mission in early 1996.


In addition to Ms Rowland's 'UFO' footage, 19 sightings of UFOs were reported in the 2000s in the village.


One woman reported seeing a "ball of fire" in the skies, another "two big, bright lights", and a man out walking his dog witnessed a "pink glow, vertically-shaped like a shoe box".


While the UFO sightings may be strange enough, Bonsall also has a unique tradition that takes place each year where local people race hens against each other.


The World Hen Racing Championship event takes place every August in the car park at the 200-year-old Barley Mow pub.


Participants can either bring their own hen or rent one for a £5 donation. The hens race a 30-foot course with the help of their owners.


The annual champion of the hen race receives a bag of grain and a trophy.


The fastest time a hen has completed the race in is just three seconds, however, it usually takes much longer than that.



courtesy of MIRROR

by Charlotte Hawes


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