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'I Had To Breastfeed My Husband On Holiday – It Was The Weirdest Thing We've Done'

The woman realised she left her breast pump at home (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images | Tetra images RF)


 February 7th, 2023  |  12:33 PM  |   261 views



A woman took to TikTok to share how she ended up having to breastfeed her husband while on a four day holiday after she forgot her breast pump. The mum had landed in Puerto Rico with her husband for a few days away when she realised she had left a key bit of kit at home and relied on him to alleviate some pain for her.


TikTok users Janelle and Josh can usually be found sharing clips from the time they spend with their kids. But a recent video has left many viewers stunned after hearing Janelle's unique holiday story.


In the clip, Janelle is sat in her car and she said: "So you know the part in your marriage vows 'for better or for worse', well I had to take my husband up on that.


"We were in Puerto Rico and, as you know, I am breastfeeding, and I just forgot to pack my pump for whatever reason."


Janelle adds that pretty quickly she notices that her breasts are starting to hurt from not having pumped and is left with only one alternative.


She said: "By the first day, I am like Josh I need you to help me out.


"And that's what he did so I am here to tell you I had to breastfeed my husband."


In response to the clip which has now received over 14,000 likes, many people flooded the comments in shock at the story they had just listened to.


One person asked: "Any reason you did not just hand pump?"


In response, Janelle said: "I tried so hard but for some reason it was not working until I had some suction going."


Others were quick to add to the joke about marriage vows as another stated: "I think this falls under the 'in sickness and in health' part."


While a third stated: "I have done that before. Yes, desperate times lead to desperate measures."



courtesy of MIRROR

by Freddie Bennettm Features Writer


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