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Trolls Trying To Insult Stephen Curry's 3-Year-Old On Twitter Actually Target Grown Man

Such wit. Such brains.


 June 22nd, 2016  |  09:20 AM  |   1356 views



Technically Incorrect: There are men called Riley Curry, and one has to witness the worst of Twitter, just because of the NBA finals.


The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title squarely.


We can discuss the "fairly" part when Ayesha Curry, wife of MVP Stephen, is available.


Some alleged fans, though, decided to discuss the matter on Twitter with Curry's 3-year-old daughter Riley.


For example this from a tweeter called Matt Labatt: "You suck @rileycurry."


And this from the stony heart of someone claiming to be called Jay Rock: "@rileycurry who's your real daddy????"


Insulting a 3-year-old surely makes you at the most a 2-year-old.


However, what these sweet tweeters failed to realize was that they were targeting 29-year-old Riley Curry.


It's not just that this is his name. It's that few 3-year-olds actually have a Twitter account.


The older Riley Curry, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, seems to have taken the insults with a shrug.


"People tweet horrible things at me thinking I am @StephenCurry30 daughter. I am a 29 yr old man. Social media can be so awful.," he tweeted.


It isn't so much that social media is awful. It's that some people on it utter awful things to strangers -- even 3-year-old strangers -- and think they're, well, big.


Elder Riley Curry didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. He told the Tennessean, though, that people have even contacted him on Instagram. "It's been stuff like, 'You should tell your parents to kill themselves.'"


He did add this on Twitter: "No one is hurting my feelings. I couldn't care less."


As for younger Riley Curry -- who became a media hit when she accompanied her dad to press conferences last year -- she seems to have a little more perspective.


As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, Stephen Curry told his daughter that his Warriors team had lost.


"She looked at me and was like, 'I know. It's OK,'" she said.



courtesy of CNET

by Chris Matyszczyk


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